2017 Annual Report

Looking to the Future Together

Throughout 2017, we were inspired by generous donors committed to improving the lives of Rhode Islanders, focused and hardworking grantees turning philanthropic dollars into positive change, scholarship and fellowship recipients on the verge of educational and entrepreneurial success, and all Rhode Islanders who proudly make our state unique.

We are humbly committed to bringing together the resources, skills, and experiences from each individual, organization, and community across Rhode Island to transform our state into a place where every person has an opportunity for prosperity, productivity, and quality of life.

This past year, we reaffirmed and refined our commitment to three strategic areas for investment and leadership that have a profound impact on every person in our state. Read more about our focus on economic security, educational success, and healthy lives starting on page 6.

Neil D. Steinberg President & CEO and Marie J. Langlois Chair

Thanks to our generous donors, we were able to award $43 million in grants to more than 1,700 nonprofit organizations in 2017. That includes Foundation-directed grants that funded charitable organizations working in the arts, housing, the environment, to provide basic needs, and to assist children and families.

2017 was a successful year for growing our endowment too. With an impressive 17.4% investment return, complementing our 20-year total fund return of 7.8%, our financial foundation is solid. We are grateful to our individual, family, organizational, and corporate donors of all sizes for entrusting us with $38 million in new gifts this past year, including adding more than $400,000 to our Civic Leadership Fund.

As we continue to work together to embrace and invest in opportunity, to listen and respond, to express ideas, to meet community need, and to solve for the challenges we face as a state, we remain excited about the possibilities, inspired by your trust and partnership, and energized to do more.

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