Professional Advisors

Professional Advisory Council

Partner Advisors

The advice and assistance of lawyers, accountants, financial and insurance planners, brokers/money managers, and other estate planners are critical to the future of philanthropy in Rhode Island. The Foundation's strategic approach to partnership with professional advisors is guided by our all-volunteer Professional Advisory Council. Current members are:

  • David J. Matarese, CPA, CFP, Chair
Corrigan Financial, Inc.
, Middletown
  • Susan Gershkoff, Esq.
Law Offices of Susan Gershkoff
, Lincoln
  • Patrick O’Neill Hayes, Jr., Esq.
Corcoran, Peckham, Hayes, & Galvin, P.C.
, Newport
  • Donna S. Madden 
Esq. - Sullivan & Sullivan, P.C., 
North Kingstown
  • Robert A. Mancini - 

The Washington Trust Company, Providence
  • Patrick McAssey, CPA - 

  • Kristen Prull Moonan, Esq. - 

Moonan Stratton Waldman, LLP
, Providence
  • Linda M. Pearson, CPA - 

Sansiveri, Kimball & Co., LLP
, Providence
  • Dana T. Pickard, Esq. - 
Howland Evangelista Kohlenberg LLP

, Providence
  • Yahaira (Jay) Placencia
 - U.S. Trust
  • Matthew R. Plain, Esq.
 - Barton Gilman LLP

, Providence
  • Pamela L. Sawin, CPA - 
Citrin Cooperman
  • Kevin P. Stiles, Esq.
 - Trust advisor
  • James Wilkinson, CPA 
- Marcum LLP
, Providence

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