Capacity Building

Building the next generation of nonprofit leadership

Our free Board Bootcamp Leadership program helps those dedicated individuals express their passion for mission through board service.

Nonprofits are a crucial partner in our work. That’s why we encourage people to think about their involvement in the nonprofit sector along a continuum. Some organizations might be where you make an annual gift, while others are where you want to volunteer. But some nonprofit missions are so compelling that people want to give their time and financial support at the highest level by serving on the board of directors. We want to help those dedicated individuals express their passion for mission through board service.

To assist them, we once again held a free Board Bootcamp Leadership program – our second in as many years – as part of our capacity building work. In hopes of adding much-needed diversity to nonprofit boards, we particularly seek participants who are under 35, or who identify as persons of color, or as persons with low- to moderate-income, and who have never served on a board before.

The two-day program equips participants with the awareness, skills, and capabilities to serve on a nonprofit board. We introduce you to Rhode Island’s nonprofit sector, explain the workings of nonprofit governance, guide you through financial statements, and discuss a board’s role in fundraising and fund development.

"I absolutely loved the entire session – it was helpful in every way, from fundraising to how to handle common challenges."

- Bootcamp participant

“It is incredibly satisfying to work with people who wish to have a positive impact on their communities through nonprofit board service,” says Keith Tavares, our Capacity Building Officer. “We often hear that Rhode Island nonprofits have difficulty identifying and recruiting good solid board members. I believe the Board Bootcamp program and the diverse group of volunteers who participate in it can play an important role in filling that gap.”

If you would like to be notified of a future opportunity to participate in a Board Bootcamp Leadership program, please contact Keith Tavares at or (401) 427-4054.

"The panel discussion was extremely engaging, offering valuable insight into what it means to serve on a board, based upon real personal experience."

- Bootcamp participant