Professional Advisors

Our 2019 Harold B. Solvoveitzik Professional Leadership Awardee

At our 2019 Annual Meeting, we celebrated our state and honored some of those who are working hard to improve it. "Meet" our 2019 Harold B. Soloveitzik Professional Leadership Awardee, Robert D. Sherwin.

Giving by example

As a child, Rob Sherwin remembers collecting money for the Kiwanis Club to be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of East Providence. “Giving back is in my blood. I’ve watched my whole family be involved in charitable things my entire life, Rob recalls.

“When I meet people in the community and I know they have the ability to give, I often ask them what their legacy will be. They will talk about wanting to give back to the community at some level, wanting to be involved with family, and long-term goals. That’s what I’m all about, trying to leave some sort of a legacy where, when I’m gone, my family and the community will realize that I’ve had some impact.”

- Robert Sherwin, financial advisor

Today, Rob advises his clients on their plans to support charitable organizations, leading by his own example.

“I’ve been reading about the Rhode Island Foundation for a long time, watching their activities and how they’re involved with the community. I have a great deal of respect for how the organization is run and how they figure out how to impact the community. I don’t think anyone in this area carries out a mission statement better than they do,” Rob says.

This is why Rob has referred a number of his philanthropic clients to the Foundation through the years.