Community Investments

Impact Investing

We’re looking for partners - nonprofit organizations, for-profit companies, and governmental entities - interested in multiplying the social impact we can have together.

Place-based investing for social impact

A pilot project to provide affordable homes to middle income households, efforts to more effectively serve Rhode Islanders with behavioral health and substance use emergencies, and construction of a community-owned co-op grocery store in the West End of Providence, a federally recognized food desert.

These are just a few of the Foundation's impact investments to date. They enable us to align financial investments with our mission, to deploy more of our capital to benefit Rhode Island, and to support larger scale and/or different kinds of projects than we typically do through our grant programs.

Eligibility and application process

Featured investment: Farm Fresh Rhode Island

With a $1.9 million impact investment loan, Farm Fresh Rhode Island was able to begin construction on its new 60,000 headquarters in the Valley neighborhood of Providence.

More impact investment-supported projects

A $806,000 loan to One Neighborhood Builders for a project to provide affordable homes to middle income households is one of the Foundation's numerous impact investment loans.

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Interested in learning more?

Contact Ricky Bogert, grant programs officer, at (401) 427-4011, or via email.

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