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Bliss, Gross, Horowitz Fund Grants

The application for this program is currently closed

The Bliss, Gross, Horowitz Fund was established at the Rhode Island Foundation to support charitable Jewish community organizations located in and serving the greater Providence area. Proposals from eligible organizations should meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Projects that seek to develop connections between the Jewish community and all Rhode Islanders, including community service projects led by Jewish organizations;
  • Projects that seek to deepen understanding of Jewish life and culture through scholarship and historic preservation;
  • Projects that provide basic human needs such as food, clothing, housing or prescription assistance; and
  • Projects that support the organizational development of Jewish institutions, including strategic planning, board development and program evaluation. A scope of work must accompany all capacity building requests.

Projects must be non-sectarian in nature and designed to reach beyond an institution’s core constituency. Capital requests will not be considered.

Generally, grants for this program will range from $ 5,000 to $10,000.

Additional support for Jewish education and family services projects in the Greater Providence area is provided by the Sock/Myers Memorial Fund.


The Foundation will use the following criteria in making funding decisions:

  • Proposal has clearly stated goals, objectives, and measurable outcomes;
  • Organization has the capacity to implement the proposal;
  • Proposal outlines a clear sustainability plan; and
  • Organization must be located in and serving the greater Providence area.

Application deadline

July 21, 2023

To apply

A complete application package includes:

Applications are available six weeks prior to the deadline.

To complete an application that is already in progress, and to submit, please click here.